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Square Capital Funding

Business Loans


unsecured business loans

Get Your Cash in 1 – 2 days!!

Business Loans

Get the funding your business needs in less than 24 hrs! Plan include no fixed payments, making repayment a breeze. Payment are made base on a small percentage of your business total sales allowing you to focus on other important things, your customers.

Loan Requirements:

  • Minimum 500 Credit Score    
  • Business must be open minimum 3 months
  • Business must generating income minimum $5,000 a month
  • Require last 3 months of your business bank statements
  • Loan amount based on business cash flow
  • Funding range: $2,500 – $1,000,000
  • No fee!! We do not charge any fees for this program
  • Cash deposited in to your bank account
  • Approval in 1-8 hours, Money ready in 1-3 business days

Apply here Business Loan Application

Let’s see some FAQs:

Q: How does your Business Loan program work?

A: We offer business financing with flexible loan amounts and fast loan process. Qualifying is very simple. We ask for a 3 months of your business bank statements. We don’t care about your personal credit history; we focus on your business. We have 3 – 24 month terms for repayment.

Q: Are you going to check my credit?

A: Yes, but we lend base on your business cash flow not your personal credit.

Q: Does my business qualify for a Business Loan?

A: If your business is running for over 90 days with at least $5,000 in bank deposits per month, you qualify to apply for a business loan.

Q: How can I use the capital when I receive it?

A: Any way you like. You can purchase additional inventory, advertise, expand, pay debt, payroll, renovate or down payment for your real estate investment. It is completely up to you.

Q: How much will I get?

A: Through our business loans, you may receive $2,500 – $1,000,000 based on the revenue generated by your business.

Q: Can I pay off the loan early without being penalized?

A: Yes, unlike traditional money lenders, we don’t charge a pre-payment penalty at any time.

Q: When will I get the money in my account?

A: If everything is in place, you will receive the funds in as little as 24-48 hours from when you complete the application.

Q: Can I get more money down the road?

A: Absolutely, once you get funded the first time, we begin building a relationship with you. This enables us build your business credit with us in order to provide you with more funding when you need it most.

Q: I’ve been denied by my bank before. Can I still get a loan?

A: Yes, our system judges businesses differently than the banks, with a focus on your business cash flow instead of personal credit scores or collateral. This means that we can lend to many businesses who may have been denied by their bank.

Q: What business industries do you work with?

A: We work with over 250 different kinds of businesses. We make loans to restaurants, auto repair shops, retailers, doctors, beauty salons, construction companies, real estate and many other service providers. All industry can be accepted.

Q: What fees are you charging? There is any upfront fee?

A: We do not charge any upfront or any back end fees, we do not charge any fee’s!!

Q: What is the interest rate?

A: There is not simply interest rate, for this business loan program we calculate interest different way; for $1 borrowed you have to pay back $1,10 – $1,15 depends of your business condition and loan term.


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  • Henry Bracey

    There is a very successful daycare business that is cash flowing. I would like to purchase it. How can we discuss this further?


    • Hi Henry,

      To qualify for business loan, you have to have open current business generating income, we lend base on your current business cash flow.


  • Dawn Hawkins

    I have an opportunity to buy A Heath-food store and deli and 5 units of commercial rentals but I need help with the down payment, can you help me?

  • Todd

    Im trying to buy a liquor store and building. I am short a substantial amount for the down payment. Amount of the entire purchase is 650k. If you can help that would be great. I would even consider financing the whole thing with you. I am a veteran if ghat helps anything.

    • Hi Todd,

      I can’t finance whole thing because I do not have real estate funding for commercial, but I can help with down payment. Do you have current open business generating income?


  • Rebecca

    I was looking to find out about down payment assistance. How would you be able to supply information about the business being open for the minimum of 3 months and the bank information for 3 months. We are wanting to open the business not proceed with a current business and need additional funds.


    • Rebecca,

      We lend only base on current open businesses cash flow. We don’t do “start ups”


  • I am seek payment assistance and with credit is in the 500. My goal is to use the funds to purchase a current cash flow business that gross over 2 million due a flag gross and inside the hotel a water park for year around entertainment. I can repay the loan and your fee on the loan in for your fee for your service. I am not a dreamer , I am a serous investor with my own market and management staff. I am looking for a reply

    • Hello Harold,

      To get qualify for a business loan, you have to have business generating income. You have to own this business today. We lend base on your business monthly cash flow. We do not lend for new businesses purchase.
      There is no fee for business loan.


  • Ranndy Winograd

    Martin, I don’t understand the repayment terms. Please clarify.

    Q: What is the interest rate?

    A: There is not simply interest rate, for this business loan program we calculate interest different way; for $1 borrowed you have to pay back $1,10 – $1,15 depends of your business condition and loan term.


    • Randy,

      Its simply: if business cash advance with daily ACH than for each dollar what you get, you have to pay back around $1,10.
      If regular business loan with monthly repayment plan, than 7% – 10%


  • rod

    how can I find out you’re a legitimate company?

    • Hi Rod,

      Because I working for free for customers, without upfront or back end or any fee’s, I believe this mean enough security and make my service extremely legit.


  • Gerald Nimberg

    Would like to refer business to you.
    Do you offer referral fees?

    • Hello Gerald,

      Yes, we offer 50/50
      Please contact me by email, I will send you Partner Compensation Agreement,


  • Rado

    Can the funds received be used to pay off an existing advance?

  • Hjean Wms

    Martin, I am awaiting your confirmation and application form for clients, regarding 50/50 referral.


  • Stacey

    Can you tell me, this sounds like a merchant cash advance. Is the deciding loan amount based on the monthly sales or annual sales and at what percentage?

    • Stacey,

      Both, base on monthly and annual cash flow. We can lend up to 70% of gross income.


      • Stacey

        So, if your business has average deposits of $300k, how much
        loan would you qualify for?

  • Stacey

    No, my business makes $300k a month. So how much would I qualify for?

  • yogesh

    dear martin,
    my friend is in the business of scrap from last 3 years in aurangabad,India.
    is he eligible to avail business loan from your programme?

  • I have secured an LOI from a hard money lender for the acquisition of a large property with several income streams. I need the earnest money payment for the hard money, as well as some interim capital. Do you do this kind or loan, and if so, what are the parameters?

    • Randall,

      Yes, we do. To qualify for this type of loan you have to have open running business generate income. We lend base on your business cash flow, please let me know if this is something you be interested, thanks


  • Rhonda jones

    I have a capital loan.
    I’m almost done paying it. When can I borrow again?

  • I have a Tax Consulting business which will gross about 193K this year but my sales have drop tremendously. I am looking for a loan of around 35K until the first of the year once things pick back up. So in other words I need a 9 month loan to sustain with the current client based and to pick up more to move forward until the first of the year. Can you help

  • Nicholas

    I am looking at buying a horse boarding facility the business is in my name I need the down payment of 65,000 what is the longest term to repay

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